Tuesday, January 1, 2013


"Sori 52
A rogue planet
is a planet tied to no solar system
it feely floats through the universe
forever in any random direction
a beautiful, mystical loneliness
one might pass any star, galaxy, nebula
it sees everything, yet remains alone in the depths of space" ~ Derpidety

Sori 52: a SoGreatandPowerful Tribute Album is a compilation of art inspired by, and dedicated to SoGreatandPowerful, an artist whose works stand out not only within the brony community, but in the general music spectrum, as having a character, diversity, and ingenuity unique to them. It is a display of the direct influence of his creations on people’s creativity, and why not, on their emotions as well. This is a token of gratitude for a sentiment that resonates within those who contributed the music of this album.

The compilation album features original songs, and remixes and covers of SoGreatandPowerful songs, by a variety of musicians within the brony community.

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